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"Please label all cars, pedestrians, and cyclists in each frame."

  'instruction': 'Please label all cars, pedestrians, and 
  cyclists in each frame.',
  'labels': ['car', 'pedestrian', 'cyclist'],
  'meters_per_unit': 2.3,
  'max_distance_meters': 30
}, (err, task) => {
    // do something with task
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Scalers are the people behind the scenes helping your company scale. We screen each team member, build their interfaces, and manage task completion quality so you don’t have to. We track Scaler performance over time and use this data to build automated quality pipelines.

95% Accuracy RateVery Thorough & DetailedOutstanding Written EnglishFast and AccurateIMAGE ANNOTATION SCALER
SUBMIT TASKINSTRUCTIONSPlease label all cars, pedestrians, and cyclistsin each frame.scalers.scaleapi.com
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