Audio Transcription API
Transcribe audio clips, videos, and more with Scale API.
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Transcribe Phone Calls
Transcribe Phone Calls
Transcribe your phone call recordings from your sales or support team. Run NLP and analysis on the text for insightful, actionable data.
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Audio Search Indexing
Search Indexing for Audio
Build search capabilities for huge corpuses of audio files by transcribing each of them and building search indexes on the transcripts.
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Meeting Transcripts
Automated Meeting Notes
Record your meetings and use our API to get high-quality transcriptions. Run NLP on those transcripts to get meaningful insights into your meetings.
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Transcribing Voicemail
Transcribing Voicemail
Turn all of your voicemail into readable text to scan and search through them quickly.
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Transcribing Podcasts
Transcribing Podcasts
Transcribe podcasts and videos for broader consumption completely automatically.
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Accurate, Incredible Audio Transcription
Powered by a combination of trained humans and machine learning, we provide 99% accuracy through our dead-simple API.

99% Accuracy

Scale uses a combination of skilled humans, machine learning, and sophisticated reviewing technology to offer best-in-class accuracy. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver quality.

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Humans and Machines

We use a combination of humans, machine learning, and audio signal processing to deliver higher quality than any solution by itself. Humans are smarter than machines, but even smarter if aided by machines.

Elegant Automation

Unlike solutions that require you to upload audio through a website, we provide automation through a dead-simple API. It's never been easier to build human-in-the-loop apps. Ever.

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We Are Scalable
We are built to handle millions of requests per month. Scale is powered by our distributed team of hard-working Scalers augmented with machine learning technology. Our effective screening, training, and routing software helps ensure that we deliver only the highest quality at scale.
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Developers First
We relentlessly focus on providing the best experience possible for developers. We do all the heavy-lifting in the background, so you can get started with just a few lines of code.
import scaleapi

client = scaleapi.ScaleClient('SCALE_API_KEY')

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You're in good company. From fast-moving startups to large-scale enterprises, hundreds of companies are powered by Scale.
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