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Large-scale, distributed data collection and web research done via API

"Find the URL for the hiring page”
"Find the URL for the hiring page”

Use Cases

Our combination of humans and machine learning is built to solve a wide range of use cases. Our goal is to power innovation, wherever that may be.

Scalable, Automated Data Collection

Powered by our incredible Scaler community, we provide best-in-class accuracy through our dead-simple API.

Data Collection at Scale

We're built to solve your large-scale data operation, build your lead list, and enrich your database. We work with some of the largest companies to power their data operations.

Best-in-Class Accuracy

Scale uses a combination of skilled humans and sophisticated reviewing technology to offer best-in-class accuracy and data integrity. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver quality.

Elegant Automation

Unlike solutions that require you to work with messy CSVs or archaic FTP integrations, we provide automation through a developer friendly API. It's never been easier to build human-in-the-loop apps. Ever.

We Are Scalable

We are built to handle millions of requests per month. Scale is powered by our distributed team of hard-working Scalers augmented with machine learning technology.

Our effective screening, training, and routing software helps ensure that we deliver only the highest quality at scale.

Data Collection tasks

Developer First

We relentlessly focus on providing the best experience possible for developers.

We do all the heavy-lifting in the background, so you can get started with just a few lines of code.

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  callback_url: '',
  instruction: 'Find the URL for the hiring page for the company with attached website.',
  attachment: '',
  fields: {
    hiring_page: 'Hiring Page URL'

Scale is trusted by world-class companies.

The world's best and most innovative companies use Scale to power large-scale human operations. We've consistently impressed with our incredible quality and cost effectiveness.


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