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We focus on quality so you don't have to. Through world-class tooling and a robust quality assurance process, we provide the highest accuracy in the industry.

We understand the need for perfection and quality. The prerequisite for an amazing algorithm is immaculate training data. That's where we come in.

We've built advanced tooling that allows our Scalers to produce pixel perfect results. Each request passes multiple trained Scalers for review to ensure we only deliver the highest quality results.

Line and Polygon annotation are in BETA. Contact us for access.
  "response": {
    "annotations": [
        "width": 26,
        "height": 74,
        "left": 169,
        "top": 0,
        "label": "car"
        "width": 88,
        "height": 30,
        "left": 191,
        "top": 103,
        "label": "car"
        "width": 62,
        "height": 55,
        "left": 359,
        "top": 31,
        "label": "car"
        "width": 154,
        "height": 81,
        "left": 371,
        "top": 307,
        "label": "car"
  "task_id": "5795c68afce306120434be64",
  "task": { ... }

We Are Scalable

We are built to handle millions of requests per month. Scale is powered by our distributed team of hard-working Scalers augmented with machine learning technology.

Our effective screening, training, and routing software helps ensure that we deliver only the highest quality at scale.


Developer First

We relentlessly focus on providing the best experience possible for developers.

We do all the heavy-lifting in the background, so you can get started with just a few lines of code.

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  "instruction": "Draw a bounding box around all the parking lots in the image.",
  "attachment": "",
  "objects_to_annotate": ["parking lots"],
  "callback_url": "",
}, (err, task) => {
  // do something with task

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Mapping$0.200 + $0.200 / box$0.100 + $0.100 / box$0.080 + $0.080 / box
Other$0.200 + $0.200 / box$0.100 + $0.100 / box$0.080 + $0.080 / box
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