Training Data for Autonomous Driving

High accuracy training data to power self-driving models

Complete Suite of Tools for Autonomous Vehicles

Our API is built to provide data for a wide variety of self-driving use cases. Scale generates extremely high quality datasets for all your labeling needs.

How It Works

We build sophisticated tooling and rigorous QA processes so you don't have to. Simply send requests to our REST API for impeccable training data.

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"Please label all cars, pedestrians, and cyclists in each frame."

  'instruction': 'Please label all cars, pedestrians, and
cyclists in each frame.',
  'labels': ['car', 'pedestrian', 'cyclist'],
  'meters_per_unit': 2.3,
  'max_distance_meters': 30
}, (err, task) => {
    // do something with task
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Sophisticated & Optimized Tooling

We have built the most efficient tools out there and are wholly committed to continuing to iterate on efficiency and ease-of-use.

High-Quality Guaranteed

Scale is powered by sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to power our QA process and ensure high quality at scale.

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Infinitely Scalable

We process millions of images a month and are built to rapidly scale up and down to meet your requirements.

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Scale is the most cost-effective solution out there for high-quality labels regardless of scale. Our QA and tools allow us operate extremely efficiently.

Comprehensive Tools

We've built tools for a comprehensive set of image annotation requirements. Our API is built to handle a wide range of labeling requirements.

If you don't see a labeling type you're looking for, please contact us. We have many image labeling types in beta.

“We @voyage can vouch for @scaleAPI - extremely helpful and awesome 3D annotations!”

Tarin ZiyaeeCo-Founder

“Scale is a critical part of our stack, providing both software & trained resources to label our LIDAR and camera data with extremely high quality. When the team comes to me with new projects, I’m always confident that Scale will meet our needs & timelines.”

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Brandon MoakCTO & Co-Founder

Scale is Trusted by World Class Companies

We already support machine learning for some of the biggest autonomous vehicle and computer vision companies in the world.

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