Our Mission

Make our customers more productive and efficient

Scale’s mission is to help make our customers more productive and efficient. Our initial focus is on human microtasks such as Image Annotation, Transcription, Categorization, Comparison, Phone calls or Data Collection.

Scale will be easier to integrate into our customers software products, higher quality, lower cost, lower latency, and more scalable than building out your own operations team or using another product.

We’re committed to continuously improving on those dimensions. Over time we will add more dimensions to monitor and improve upon for the benefit of our customers.

We are really focused at Scale on creating a virtuous cycle. We will continuously invest in a wonderful customer experience along the aforementioned dimensions, which will grow our customer base, which will in turn allow us to make investments in technology and operations to improve the customer experience and so on.

If we can accomplish that, we feel that as a by product we will build a wonderful business.

Watch our blog for more on investments we make in customer experience.


We're fortunate to have incredible investors.

Greg Brockman

Greg is currently the CTO and co-founder of OpenAI, and before that was CTO of Stripe.

Charlie Cheever

Charlie is currently cofounder of Exponent. He previously co-founded Quora and was an early employee at Facebook.

Nat Friedman

Nat Friedman is CEO and co-founder of Xamarin, which was acquired by Microsoft.

Guillermo Rauch

Guillermo has co-founded companies such as LearnBoost, Cloudup, and Zeit, created MongooseJS and socket.io.

Ilya Sukhar

Ilya is currently a General Partner at Matrix Ventures, and previously was co-founder and CEO of Parse.


Help us bring human intelligence to software.

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Who we are

We're a world-class team that's changing how companies function. We've worked at Facebook, Snapchat, Palantir, Quora, and more.

Our team has built the simplest API for repetitive human operations. AWS changed the game by removing the need to run your own infrastructure — enabling a new generation of software companies. We want to do the same — remove the need for you to run your own operations team.

Working with us comes with perks

  • Health, Dental, And Vision Coverage
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Open Vacation Policy
  • Apple Equipment
  • Flexible Work Hours
  • Free snacks, coffee, and drinks
  • Fun Offsites

Humans On-Demand.

Get tasks done within minutes.


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San Francisco, CA
(415) 382-9382

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